DIY – Body Butter

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DIY – Body Butter

As more and more people become aware of their health and beauty issues, they also tend to ask questions about the commercially available products that they have been relying on for so long.

Many people remain conscious as to what goes inside the making of their health and beauty products and more importantly in the case of those that they use on their skins.

Perhaps this is one of the core reasons why many women today consider it better to use home remedies and creams as much as possible when it comes to caring for their skin.

In this article, we discuss one such product that you can prepare at home and nourish your skin naturally and without any worry of side effects.

Body Butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizing solution that can easily and effectively nourish and restore your dry skin.

A good thing about using body butter is that unlike a few other skin care products, body butter can also be applied on your face as it has been found equally benefitting face skin as well.

Thus, either it is your entire body or any specific region or spot, body butter can easily take care of it.

DIY Body Butter Recipe

We all hear weird stories of how most of the beauty products are manufactured and why it is important to carefully understand the ingredient components of any product before buying, but still at times it is often hard to make such right decisions on our own.

Therefore, a quick and simple solution could be to prepare your own body butter at home and avoid taking any risks related to your skin.

For this reason, we have here listed a quick and simple to follow Do-it-yourself or DIY recipe to prepare your own body butter at home. So let’s begin the process.

To start with, remember that body butter is nothing more than a mixture formed by combining a liquid i.e. oil and a solid i.e. butter.


All you need to prepare your body butter at home is -

One quarter (1/4) cup of olive oil

One (1) cup of cocoa butter

1Tbs lavender

A half (1/2) coconut oil

½ tsp Vitamin E

How to prepare?


Put all the ingredients into a pot except the lavender and vitamin E and heat until they melt and form a liquid state


Let the mixture cool down, put the vitamin E and lavender, and then put it in a freezer to further cool it for another 20 minutes until it turns hard


The purpose of the second step is to form a mere hard state of the melted solution and not make it very hard


So just after 20 minutes of keeping in in the freezer, bring it out before it hardens any further


Next use an electric whisk to whip this hard solution


Whip it for like 5 minutes or until such time that this hard solution turns into a thick oily cream


Your DIY body butter is now ready and can be filled into a clean jar or any container and kept it in a cool place


This DIY body butter is good enough to last for six months without the use of any preservatives or anything

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